Kix Cds


Recorded in 1981. We were pretty much let loose in the studio for this one. Raw and almost
nervous sounding.
Cool Kids

Recorded in 1983. The label tried to reel us in on this one and attempted to make a commercial
pop album. This is the band's least favorite, but if you eliminate the opening track, this would be
a half decent record. Don't get me wrong — we put everything we had into this record at
the time, so there are still some rockin' tracks here.
Midnight Dynamite

We finally found a groove. This one felt like we finally got to the end of the runway and took off.
Blow My Fuse

Our biggest selling, even though it took 10 years to finally go platinum. I can still listen to this and smile.
Hot Wire

Musically I think this was our best. If I had to pick a favorite it would be this one.
Kix Live

Hey, that's me on the cover! If you've ever had a chance to see the videos for "Hot Wire" and
"Rock 'N' Roll Overdose," they were both filmed the afternoon before this concert, so the audience
you see in the videos is the audience on this record.
Show Business

Hey, they just hired me for this one! I wasn't even in the band anymore so don't blame me.
Honorable mention... check out my solo on "Put My Money Where Your Mouth Is" — move
over "Freebird"!


Rhino Bucket CDs

Rhino Bucket "The Hardest Town"

"...And Then It Got Ugly!"

Pain & Suffering

Pain & Suffering
No Song Left Behind

Rhino Bucket

Back when I used to get free promo CDs, this was a keeper! Being a fan of Bon Scott-era AC/DC,
how could I not like this? "One Night Stand" is still a great show opener.

Get Used to It

Great follow up! And some fun songs to play live. If I had to pick a favorite off this one, it
would be "She's a Screamer." That song pretty much sums up the Rhino Bucket Sound.


Another good record, but because we don't play too many of these songs live, I'm the least
familiar with this one.


Albums That Influenced Me

Cream: Disraeli Gears

This was the first record that I actually owned. Before that I just listened to whatever my
older brother had. I heard "Sunshine of Your Love" on the radio and fell in love with this sound.
Eric Clapton has always been one of my favorite guitar players.
Allman Brothers: Eat a Peach

It's hard to pick just one Allman Brothers record, but this is the first one I really got into.
Dickey Betts is another one of my heroes. Brothers and Sisters is good too.
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd

Another band that is hard to pick just one. I've got to mention Second Helping
also. Between the Allman Brothers and these guys, I had enough guitar licks to last a lifetime!
Did I mention I do a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band on the side?
ZZ Top: Tres Hombres

Billy Gibbons! We opened for these guys twice — wow, what a rough crowd! I think
Billy Gibbons is Angus Young's real older brother. I learned a lot of smokin' licks from the early
ZZ Top records.
AC/DC: Let There Be Rock

It was "Problem Child" that sold me on these guys! Talk about raw energy! I could've filled
this list up with nothing but AC/DC records!